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UNIMOG(small) (Injection Black)

Product serial number
Product description
Name Specifications
The battery 12V7AH (12V4.5AH/10VH/14AH)
Load limit ≤30kg
speed 3-5km/h
The charger Input DC12V 0.5 A / 1 A
Applicable age 37-95 months
Overall dimensions 1080×800×880 mm
Charging time About 8 to 12 hours
The fuse Self-reset fuse
The motor Steering motor: 12V/380#6600, drive motor 12V/390#16000


Little UNIMOG: Based on Model UNIMOG of Mercedes-Benz, with the reduced size of the model and a searchlight added on the original basis.

Battery: Using a safer lead storage battery, and providing a variety of battery capacity options, to make you have more fun.

Springs: Four-wheel shock absorption, providing a smoother driving experience.

Remote Control: Providing a variety of driving modes, which can be self-driven or remote controlled.

USB Player: With central control system, providing music playing, supporting radio, USB, audio connected to mobile phone, and edutainment.

Tires: Foamed tires: providing a more stable driving experience, comfortable shock absorption;

Injection molding tires: providing longer service life, skid resistance and wear resistance.

Trunk: providing large-capacity backup space where you can store baby snacks and toys.



● After starting the normal use of this product, adults should regularly (Once every half a month is recommended) check the main parts of the car, such as batteries, chargers, wires, housings, switches, steering system, etc., and check whether the fastening parts are loose. Stop using them in time when potential hazards are found until they are repaired.

● The vehicles can be wiped with a soft cloth with slight moisture but no water drops, and non-wax furniture polisher can be used instead of soft cloth to wipe plastic parts, so as to achieve the surface finish effect. Do not wipe the plastic parts of toys with chemical solvents to avoid corrosion; Do not wash the vehicle with soap and water. Water will damage the motor and batteries and cause short circuit of the power system. After a period of use, please lubricate the iron parts of the vehicle with lubricating oil to prevent rusting. Keep the vehicles away from hot and humid places, as plastic parts may melt. When charging, keep away from flammable materials to prevent fire.

● Please charge the vehicle in time after use. Charging must be operated by adults. If you want to store it or not used for a long time, it must be fully charged before storage, and then charged once a month to prolong the battery life. Please cut off the power supply of the vehicle when it is stopped or left for a long time. Turn all switches to the "Stop" or "Off" position. The structure and circuit system of this product shall not be changed without authorization, and the maintenance and replacement of key parts shall be carried out under the guidance of professionals.

● In areas with unstable power supply voltage, it is recommended to install a power regulator to protect the batteries during charging. Do not use fuses that do not conform to the specifications of this product.

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